Who Have You Called Forth?

The previous set of quotes about “fault” points at the blame epidemic which is prevalent. There is a marked tendency to put the “fault” outside of ourselves and not to take responsibility. There are a lot of people fond of “excuses”, they have excuses for this and excuses for that. Do you know anybody like that? There is not much power in blaming others and there is no freedom.

If we take a volte face of sorts we can look at our responsibility. We can ask; “who and what have I called forth?” If like Shaun you find yourself amidst a Zombie Apocalypse then in one way or another you have called forth that situation, perhaps in order for you to learn something. In accepting responsibility for our circumstances, we can start to learn and not finger point. If we point our finger at a Zombie, they will have a nice little snack, some finger food.

To a greater or lesser extent, we all have people in our lives. Some we may like, others we dislike, there may be some annoying bastards and we might wish rid of yet others. If we take responsibility for having called them forth into our lives, we might see the situation anew. Perhaps we might drop some resentment and use them as a resource for learning.

Having cued this up:

Who have I called forth into my life?

For what purpose did I call them forth?

Am I as yet unaware of that purpose?

Or am I still plagued with a blaming mentality?

Do I only see the face value?