All That Made Up Shit

Do you have a tendency to extrapolate and over-egg?

I was pondering this afternoon that it is not impossible that people have a whole lot of made up shit in their heads. They carry this shit around with them and never test its validity. This stems from a tendency to embellish and exaggerate and also make extrapolations. If we meet someone for a short while the extrapolation can start and from very limited data, we can end up very far from the reality. Having thus extrapolated we share our extrapolations with someone else, we may even embellish our extrapolations. They then share them with another having perhaps selectively heard and understood what we were saying and pass things on with a few embellishments of their own. We have the phenomenon of Chinese whispers and the whispers contain a whole bunch of made up shit.

If I use myself as an example, there is only one being on the planet who has significant not context dependent current personal experience of me. Others may have had some limited exposure within a given context. Thus, if anyone claimed to know me, such a claim would largely be made up shit and it would definitely be lacking in any currency. But it is possible that people might offer “expert” opinion on me. Some made up shit would then propagate outwards with added embellishments. Here is a blog and that could in turn be used as a basis for “knowledge”, but it is a blog and it too could contain some made up shit, I could be a right loony. Blogs can have creativity inherent. To comment meaningfully about me on the basis of this blog would be blagging. The only way you could get to know me would be to share some “quality” time with me, to have some personal experience.

Do you get my drift? There is a whole lot of made up shit circulating, and people actually use this made up shit to make decisions. The human tendency to gossip is generative of many full cess-pits of fabricated shit.

What can any being do? We can, not add to it. And it starts with the question above.

Having cued this up:

Do I have a tendency to extrapolate and over-egg?

Why do I do this?

Is it time I stopped?

How much stock do I place in all the made-up shit that I hear?

Do I embellish it when I pass it on?