Relax and Don’t Freak Out

Modern living can be very high-octane, charging about, rushing and freaking out about the slightest thing. The trouble is that when we freak out we stop thinking clearly; when we are all het up, we make quick and often poor decisions. Life throws things at us and if we relax, we manage what it throws, better. At the danger of stereotype, when people from the town or the city visit us, I know that it takes more than a day for them to calm the fuck down, to get into a new rhythm. So before I can give them a piece of straw to suck on as we watch sunset over the garden gate, they need to chill out and let some of the drama fade. It fights a rearguard through the broadband. City-folk have strange ways..

Unless we can relax into the process of life we are forever a short stone’s throw from panic, which means that in our need for immediacy we miss so very much.

Having cued this up:

If I relaxed and stopped freaking out about the merest thing, would my life be easier?

Would I make better decisions?