Finding “Katana” Questions

There is a tendency to over-think and over-complicate these days. I not sure where it comes from nor how it has gotten so deeply embedded. We have these “lovely” things called criteria which many are enamoured of, we have to justify things both to ourselves and others in terms of these criteria. And people send us endless electronic questionnaires. There are literally millions of customer reviews, which are of course marketing dressed up as inclusion. We can get very badly lost in comparison-mind. We want to compare this and compare that, hoping it might aid a decision. This puts-off the impending decision and we play the comparison game, deep into the night. We prevaricate and procrastinate. Under the weight of all this stuff, our intuition lies forgotten, squashed and abandoned. In our internal-dialogue comparison-mind “thinking” we do not find the “katana” question or the bullshit knife, which might help us cut through.

And should we find this katana question we are often fearful of wielding it and so we enter the comparison mind-loop all over. Somehow cutting through to the core of problem is impolite, we need to vacillate a bit longer. For example, if you are looking to buy a house you could spend a couple of hours going through the criteria. Or you could simply ask the question; “Am I keen to get my cheque book out, now, and buy the property?” If the answer  is no, don’t go further. If it is yes, you can then use comparison-mind to check you are not being romantic and silly. We do things the wong way around. Our intuition, if honed, can become as sharp as a katana. We can sense when things are wrong or when they are right, way before ten hours of comparison-mind kicks in.

Having cued this up:

Do I have intuitions?

Have they proven to be accurate?

Have I talked my intuition into a corner and made a poor decision thereby?

Am I enamoured of making comparisons; a lot, a little bit, only now and then, or not at all?

What would happen if I honed and used my intuition a little bit more?

Might I save myself time, effort and migraines?