What is Your Life Strategy?

Many people speak of goals and targets, some deem themselves in possession of strategic thinking. We might have a five-year plan. We might seek a promotion, some rank, a nice house in a good neighborhood, a swish car, a partner and 2.2375 children. Even these plans often go belly up, one only has to look at the divorce statistics for some proof. Now does the outline, this sketch, demonstrate strategic thinking?  Yes, a bit, but only in terms of material criteria. It does not comment on qualities over much. It is not a very adventurous strategy if indeed it is one. It is a version of the common “dream”, the vaunted formula for domestic bliss. We might have a goal to be less stressed and more happy. But it is difficult to manage an acquisitional life without having stress. Stress is a form of suffering and stems from some kind of an ambition. We may negate our “spiritual” sides in favour of the material.

If one must have ambition then how about the ambition to achieve liberation and never incarnate again? That is a strategic goal of some longevity, a whole lifetime plan. No more suffering. No more return, liberation from the wheel of rebirth. The goal of non-returning. Such a strategy will probably be a pan-lifetimes one.

There are a lot of people helping others with the minor details of life, maybe hoping for more abundance, more happiness, better sex and less stress. Few life coaches will aim at getting off the wheel of rebirth. The ambition is limited to material plane endeavour.

Having cued this up, a profound question:

What is my life strategy?

How will I define success?