Not Forcing Things

Do you ever try to force things?

In our times people seem to like to be sold an idea, a concept and otherwise be convinced. There is a whole lot of convincing going on. This is partly due to closed minds and partly to do with fondness for argument and bickering. This means that one can often face an uphill struggle. If one is ambitious one may try to force things, to persuade and otherwise get a point across. There is a hint of desire for victory. I am very wary of this prove-it-to-me mind-set, because if someone is so oriented it is likely to be a waste of time. The same can go for getting things done, if there is no willingness, it will be very hard work. Yet you can see people trying to force things all over, that square peg must be forced into the round hole. People want their will done.

When I am exploring a situation I tend to take the temperature, so to speak. If it is warm, we are good to proceed a little. If it is cold, then walk away. One can quite quickly ascertain if things look like a no-go, or an uphill struggle. Life is a little too short to be smacking your head against a brick wall. I have more of a philosophy of flow, if it flows it was probably meant to happen, if not, then move on. Some like the idea of overcoming obstacles, hurdles, it can give a sence of achievement to jump these or smash through them.

Having cued this up:

Do I ever try to force things?

If so, why?

Do I prefer to overcome obstacles or go with the flow?

Can I tell when the temperature is icy-cold?