Playing it Cool

For whatever reason many people “play it cool” that is they do not want to let the other person know they are interested, either in something or them. At the back of this is not wanting to give away power or advantage, this in the context of some imagined negotiation. “If I show interest my position will be weakened.” So they are intending, hoping for, a game of “kiss chase” whereby they can withhold the kiss, they want to be chased all around the block and otherwise be courted. Thus people feign disinterest and adopt a prove it to me first mentality. It is by way of a game that can sometimes backfire.

Now despite the success of the X-men franchise there are not that many Charles Xaviers out there. Mind-reading is an as yet not widely prevalent skill. So there is an inherent danger in playing it cool. Namely that the person on the end of the cool gets frostbite and thinks, “fuck this for a game of soldiers”. That is a problem with many games, they can sometimes work out not all that funny. When frozen by all that cool nothing happens. We are back to the “after you, no I insist, after you, you go first” scenario. That unwillingness to show a tiny bit of vulnerability, a chink in that icy armor, can work out costly.

There is of course a balance between being over eager, and frostbite. It is called being real.

Having cued this up;

Has playing it cool ever cost me?

What is so very wrong about being frank and honest?

If I keep the advantage will I be blissfully happy in my fortress until the end of time?

Is safe and powerful, yet somehow sad, my heart’s desire?