The Fist or the Empty Palm?

The incoming Aquarian age is about water and to learn water, one needs to know how to carry it. Needless to say an empty palm is better for this than the fist. Way back I looked, in some depth, at the intermolecular forces in water. And for something so common on our planet an in-depth understanding is not so easy. There are many subtleties and quantum mechanical tunnelling plays quite a big part.

Water flows, it does not bash through. Water takes time. And without water we would not be, yet we do not understand how to do water, to be water, even if our bodies contain a lot of it.

There is not a lot of receptivity currently. There is plenty of fist, plenty of griping and much clenching. This notion of receptivity enables us to accept the gifts offered us and with open hands. We need not snatch at them, and hold then knuckle-bursting tight in our fists. Trying to acquire water by snatching does not work, we cannot attain water in this manner. We might sequestrate a water supply but we at best only rent water. I have not long ago taken a piss, it is something that you too will do today. We “borrow” the water to live. Never do we possess it in a permanent manner.

Having cued this up and as an exercise:

Hold out your less preferred hand as an open cupping palm. Hold out your preferred hand as a tightly clenched fist. Hold these both for about one minute. Now swap hands and repeat. Then relax.

Are you a fist person or an empty palm person?