Signs and Omens

Have you ever explored something, some situation, only for it to provide you with clarity on something completely different? It has happened to me a few times now. We have been looking at property in France and enjoying the scenery.

The near perfect timing of me writing bout Caine and the arrival of the IOP email, presumably my last ever, gave me some instant clarity on one of the things to do when I get back home later today. Last summer I invested about three months, near full-time, looking into light sources for things quantum. I came up with a couple of rough ideas, one of which was patentable. I could not see a way forward so all that paper has sat in the office for a while now. It is mostly physics articles and print outs of patents, there are a number of commercial overview documents also. I never write patentable ideas down on paper. The idea has now faded in my mind. It seems to me that the email was a sign and an omen that I should close that chapter and clear out all the paper I generated.

The tone of it and “professional recognition” does not sit well with me. And bang, some clarity on what to do.

One of the models for property was to look into local finance having a residence, which is a requirement for application. We even saw one place that had an ideal space which could have been turned into an optics lab for proof of principle. It was built on solid rock. That email just reminded me of the mind-set I would be up against. Just let it go, man…

So back to chanting then. It will take a couple of weeks to get the diaphragm back into shape…

om mane padme hum

om mane padme hum