Completion and Endings

Depending on your predilection you may have a liking for tidy, neat endings, in which there are no loose threads, no loose ends. When you read a book, there might need to be a satisfactory conclusion. Or if you are making a TV series you might wish it to end on a cliff-hanger. That way the next series in the franchise can get funded. Some like to bring things to completion, the end of a chapter, the closing of a phase of life. Whilst a few things can be closed off very many cannot. So, there is that sense of hanging, perhaps. Some things won’t go away and die. Feelings are amongst that set of things which have longevity. Whilst we might close off something, say a relationship for instance, those feelings can persist for a long time after. Completion is surprisingly hard to achieve and closure rarely perfect. Never is it a step function, a binary on off.

Things tend to start and finish much as suggested above. And an ending is so very often a beginning at one and the same time.

Often, we try to close things off prematurely and they simply won’t close. That damn door will not shut, much as we might try. This is perhaps fate telling us something, telling us we are not yet done and dusted with whatever it is we seek to close off. On occasion things are closed off for us without our consent and before we might like. There is that sense of hanging in mid-air. Only when we have dealt with the situation, the feelings, can the loose ends be tied off. Completion, “closure”, can be a long time coming and there are some things which remain unresolved. We might carry these forward into our next lifetimes.

And there are those for whom completion is an anathema, they don’t like endings and strive to keep things open forever, just in case.

Having cued this up:

Do I like completion, or do I dislike it?

Do untidy loose ends bug me?

Have I ever had trouble bringing something(s), some situation(s), to completion?

Is it best that things stay open and unresolved?