Not Buying-in

When you buy-in to something there is a tendency to being committed to it. The thing can take over. There are many of these things out there which have taken over our lives and once people have bought in they can become advocate, evangelist, for whatever it is they have bought in to.

On the way to France I had to put lap top, phone etc. in a tray for security to look at. I said to the wife that my vintage phone, a Sony Ericsson W810i would attract attention and so it did. The man said, “Wow a Sony W800 series, I haven’t seen one of them in ages!” It was with some fondness that he noted the ‘phone. In a possibly boring day, I had given him a tiny highlight.

I have 12-year-old ‘phone which isn’t smart, I don’t have a contract and do not therefore drool over my data allowance. I can’t talk ‘phones with people and compare them like cock sizes.

I have never used satellite navigation, though only once I had a passenger who did on his ‘phone, and it was helpful in that instance. I am not dependent on technology to navigate my way around. I haven’t given my power over to the GPS system.

Over the years I have numerous discussions about insurance. Some geezer tries to flog you home contents insurance and if they persist, I explain that I am philosophically opposed to the whole concept of insurance. If they continue I outline in-depth which eats up their time when the could be selling to some other poor bastard. There are legal requirements for some insurances with which I reluctantly comply.

I have only briefly dabbled with social media, LinkedIn and Facebook. Boy is that shit voracious when it comes to time. And many are hooked way past the barb on it.

There are a number of things which I haven’t bought-in to and am not thereby heavily dependent thereupon. And am I not an evangelist about them. Sometime methinks people doth protest a little too much about them, saying how brilliant they are. But I guess a smack head will often talk up his latest wrap of smack.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever bought-in to something only to become addicted to it?

Do I then evangelize?

What am I currently bought in to?

Could I go cold turkey?