Anxious, Intense or Feral?

I have just had a bit of an eye opener at the hospital, the doctor seemed to think that I was anxious. I certainly did not feel anxious, or fearful. I can be a bit intense for some, I already know that. I can be focussed.

I am not at all fond of social chit-chat and ritual sniffing, so I am perhaps a little feral.

So, if I don’t engage in this does this make me anxious or is the other person anxious because of a lack of “markers”, they don’t know where they are because we haven’t gone through this rigmarole?

If one doesn’t beat about the bush for long enough, is that wrong? If one doesn’t discuss the weather, the journey to and from, Brexit etc. is that anxiety on my part?

Who is anxious, is it me?

Bizarre city Arizona…