Oroku Saki (The Shredder)

Well there is nothing like getting a finger up your arse from Dr DRE to give you the hurry up…

The office is now a little less cluttered. And I have been busy with the shredder, so much so that it overheated, and I had to take a lunch break for the damn thing to cool down.

It is amazing how much crap one accumulates. I found some documents dating back 15 years or more.

10.8 kg of patents and papers, some with my annotations, about the same in team development stuff and loads of documents from the bank and tax office. I may have shredded a few spider corpses too.

The patents were a bit of a roll call for the big companies and the papers were mainly from the arXiv server as I don’t have library access. Together with a few notes they are gone now. I have reclaimed some space.

It is very satisfying shredding. Because mine isn’t a CIA grade one, you have to wait and can’t feed in too much at once. So, it teaches patience.

I have done one half of the office now, I can’t move the bookshelves on my own and I am a bit asthmatic from all the dust. Phase one complete.

Time for a well-earned shower…