Being a Dawn Creature

Well here I am at my favourite time of day, the pre-dawn. Outside there is the soft call of owls and Classic FM is wafting over from the cow shed. It is on to keep the cows and their new-born calves calm. The world is otherwise silent and asleep.

They, are always asleep and all one can do is wait for them to wake up. There is a lot of hanging around for others to sense that first tendril of coffee in the air.

That is the problem, when you are awake and see stuff before others. It takes a mighty long time for others to start to rouse themselves and even begin to awaken. And when you say something into their slumber they just want to hit the snooze button. Nobody likes you waking them up.

Time and again, I have said stuff and it has fallen on ears unready. Time and again, people simply do not want to wake up despite that coffee smell. That duvet is so inviting. So tired and desperate for sleep, the invigorating dawn in all her majesty remains largely unknown and perhaps rarely seen. And whilst they sleep, they miss out. Because society does not like dawn, zero dark thirty.

It is on this cusp when the creatures of the night give way to the creatures of the day. And it is at the cusp where I feel most at home.

To see things first and then tell of them, is to evoke. One can feel like an alarm clock flung across the room. And then they go back to sleep, to drift aimless between the worlds, only to rise somnambulant.

That fine edge of awareness is dulled by the common dream. And that common thinking is that dawn is bad, pillow is good. People complain of an early start.

As a dawn creature there is plenty of waiting…

Dawn bad, pillow good…

A weird mantra

Dawn good, pillow bad

A better one…