Do You Control Your Fate?

Many people have life goals and ambitions, which suggests that there is at least some attempt at controlling fate. So, they head off in the general direction of these, but unless you are unique, life has a habit of throwing in the odd spanner or two. Things don’t work out quite as they were planned to. Yet despite this we can persist in trying to get life on our own terms. Life, as a whole, is not entirely tractable to our desires and ambitions. Maybe it is all down to those other bastards who stop us and get in our way? Or maybe we simply were not meant to be going that way? Life can require detours from time to time. It sticks up a great big diversion sign and unless we follow these diversion signs we can get badly lost.

The idea that we are a puppet to fate, that it pulls our strings and we dance, is not a comforting idea to some. The more we resist the stronger the tug on the string.

If you would have told me twenty years ago that I would be where I am now, I would not have believed you. Back then I had other plans albeit not fully formulated. If you had asked my erstwhile colleagues thirteen years ago, neither would they. But fate has me here, now, doing this and with an outbreak of gout in my foot. {I never had gout before my colectomy.}

All it can take is one little thing and a whole life pivots around it. We may imagine control, but there are these darned unexpected things, these turn up for the books. Many abhor this notion of predestination but as a concept it is not possible to verify or negate. {think about it} So we prefer to think we are in control.

Having cued this up:

Do you control your fate?

If so, to what extent do you have control?

How far does that control extend?