Some Pretty Radical Ideas

As I lay in the bath, I had the notion that I have presented some pretty radical ideas in this blog. 😉

1) If you want to know about someone and what they are thinking, ask them.

2) Don’t gossip and don’t listen to, believe or otherwise trust any gossip you hear.

3) Be aware that you are probably full of assumptions and expectations. Question these.

4) Try to control that urge for immediacy, don’t rush.

5) Strive for an open mind and don’t succumb to all your prejudices.

6) In any interaction don’t go into it with confrontation as the starting point.

7) Learn to trust your intuition more.

8) Be aware that your perception and thinking is subject to a myriad of outside influences.

9) Acknowledge that your perception may be highly selective.

10) Don’t jump to conclusions.

11) Be aware that justification can be a major pitfall.

12) Although you may deem otherwise butter does melt in your mouth and you are not an actual angel.

13) Groups mind can be a very dangerous thing, learn to think for yourself.

14) Try to cultivate more discernment.

15) Your internal dialogue is your enemy and not your friend. It is responsible for most of the grief in your life.

16) Try not to react. Learn to pause and consider a little more.

17) It is not everyone else’s fault.

18) Watch out for your victim mentality and poor little me thinking.

19) Don’t get offended so easily, you self-important asshole!

20) A little relaxation can go a long way.

21) From time to time take a metaphorical chill pill.

22) Goodwill is a rare and precious commodity, cultivate this.

23) Learn not to grip and grasp so tightly, generate open palm mind.

24) Be aware that your emotions affect and colour your perceptions, especially fear and anger.

25) Take into account your own state of mind and that of others.

26) Recognise that you are not in fact an omniscient being.

27) Everyone, including you, is on a learning journey.

28) Try not to finger point, accept your own responsibility.

29) Letting go and walking away are two powerful acts.

30) Try to cultivate at least some joy.

31) Learn to flow and not to bash.

32) Be aware when you are inflicting yourself on a situation and on others. Desist.

33) Even a tiny bit of humility is better than none.