Gordon or Joni?

Depending on where you stand things can look very different. You might be Gordon or Joni, Sun Tzu or Lao Tzu. I have an inkling, because of my past, people are unsure if they are dealing with Gordon or Joni, when they interact with me. What do you think?

If I present as Joni people might forget the possibility of Gordon, if I am Lao they may neglect Sun. And of course, vice versa may work.

Way back a couple of well-meaning friends of mine bought me “The Art of War” and “The Prince”, it was a part of a leadership development programme of sorts. I personally saw it as a form of self-defence rather than offence. This is because I am quite shit at all the sociopolitical stuff.

I have observed that when I have had my “entrepreneurship” hat on and because I don’t stomp around showing off as if I own the place, people tend to forget that I might have strategic thinking. I don’t do it deliberately as a disguise, but the hippie vibe is my more natural clothing. It is strange that even when people have some knowledge they don’t bring it to bear, there is a kind of underestimation. If I am not suited and booted and lording it about, it causes a kind of forgetfulness. Maybe we are back to the jeans or robes joke?

Depending upon which hat you wear or whose moccasins you have on, the world is a very different place. Gordon might see Joni as a whining loser, Joni might see Gordon as a money-grabbing nasty piece of work. It is very hard for polar opposites to find any common ground.

Depending on circumstances we may, each of us, adopt a differing mind-set. We may have more than one arrow in our quiver. It is pretty hard to take a holistic view of someone unless we know them very well. We may only know one facet. Rarely is a single facet the totality of a being. Most of us have a bit of chameleon in us.

Having cued this up:

Do I recognise some chameleon nature in myself?

Is this conscious or simply adaptive?

Do I need to book myself in for some psychotherapy?

Or is it OK to be a multi-dimensional being with more than one facet?