Those Busybody Interventions

In line with dream I have “planted” Yggdrasil here on the blog and the notion of the shamanic cosmos containing many worlds. I suspect there are many realities, where each person carries with them their own version of the “world” and there may even be some commonalities amongst these reality-versions. What really goes on in the head of another being is not really known to us and we all make a number of assumptions about it. That temptation to intervene is strong and the British have a history of intervening. We know best so we can teach the wogs and those bally foreigners how things should be done, instil some British values, whatever the fuck these might now be. This “patrician” we know best what is good for you, is not a rare sentiment and if we are so afflicted we can make plans for other people.

To paint a picture; imagine a couple in the early stages of a relationship where there is still that novelty. They have single friends, one of each sex. It occurs to the couple that these two might be a perfect match for each other. So, they go about trying to fix them up. They create a scenario where these two are forced to meet. They manipulate such a meeting into being. They have intervened. Where might this scenario go? Does it pan out according to the cunning plan and they skip off happily ever after into the sunset? Or does the male in the scenario take an axe to the female and dump her chopped up body in the canal? It is likely that the couple will not have considered the latter scenario before they intervene. Being busybodies, the couple simply could not resist messing about with the lives of people whom they deemed as friends. We all know best, don’t we? There is a terrible propensity for making plans for other people without asking them if indeed they would like such an intervention.

It is possible to intervene in the lives of others and fuck things up badly for them. We know best what is good for other countries and so we upset the balance and the situation becomes chaotic.

I am very wary about intervening directly in the lives of others because that intervention may have unpredictable effects. I don’t like inflicting myself. The good thing about a blog is that if anyone doesn’t like what they are reading all they have to do is click away. The interaction between my world and theirs is severed easily. Our worlds need not overlap for more than a few minutes, so their world does not leak into mine and mine does not leak overmuch into theirs. If one wants more of my world then all one has to do is read a little more, which is entirely voluntary. I am not standing behind you with a gun. It is up to you and not me.

But when we make a busybody intervention that factor of choice and voluntary participation is not there, and specifically so if there has been no consultation. The busybody intervention has been inflicted and forced on the situation. Guess why? Because we know best.

These busybody interventions can and do backfire.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever made a busybody intervention in the life of another being?

Has one or more of these interventions gone wrong?

Might I be more reticent about intervening in the lives of other beings in the future?

Do I really know best?