Where is the Problem?

In what “world” is the problem?

This might seem a strange question but if you think about it a little, it is not so strange. What is a problem in my “world” may not be a problem in your “world” and vice versa. And within our own individual cosmos the problem may be physical, emotional, mental or Soular. Right now, I have a physical problem, gout. I am not emotionally upset over much and in the mental world, on the mental plane, thanks to Indometacin and based on prior experience, it will shift. It does not really impinge at the Soular level at all. The world of this problem is physical, it is “tidy” in the two other worlds and all that needs to happen is on the physical plane. I am pretty detached about it.

When something bugs us, it can be helpful to figure out in which “world” or upon which “plane” the problem lies. It can also be useful to understand what is our problem and what is an SEP, someone else’s problem. Humans do have a habit of poking their nose into other people’s business and drawing others into their own problems. A problem can be created and shared, by human interventions. There is something of an inability not to intervene. And it is not uncommon for interventions to cause more problems than were there in the first place.

If we are of a controlling nature we may even seek to control what goes on in the “world” of another being, just in case it might impinge upon our own “world”. Strangely this kind of behaviour opens up the portal between “worlds” and almost guarantees the impingement. A problem in one world may tunnel into another. We have seen this at work with the recent regime change interventions, those interventions are impinging through migration.

The world is already interconnected, and we need not strengthen these connections by means of intervention. Trying to control something in a “world” other than our own is more difficult than it might at first seem. This is partially because of a lack of awareness about the world-rules in the other-world.

Having cued this up:

Do I have difficulty refraining from intervening in the “worlds” of other beings?

Am I fully in control of my own world?

Can I control theirs?

Have I ever imagined a problem when there was none?