How Do You Invest Your Time?

What ROI (Return On Investment) do you get?

At one level we all know that our lifespan is limited and that we have only so much time. Yet few have all that much clarity on how they use that time nor what the purpose of their doings are. One could say that a lot of time is wasted. We engage in a host of pass times and there is little or no return from them. Life goes by and time runs out. There is a marked tendency to put off anything which we are even slightly challenged by. We can follow the path of least resistance. I’ll suggest that it is these things which we find challenging that give us the best ROI on our time.

I have used this theme of ROI because it is widely applied in the area of financial investment and the language is one of focus. We might be more careful about how we invest our money than how we invest our time. If you had £100k you would probably think about how you used it more than if you had five years to spend. But that is what we do, we spend our lives, fritter them away. We can get a kind of overdraft of time under some circumstances, I have borrowed a little extra time thanks to the NHS. If the NHS bank manager hadn’t sanctioned my operation I would be dead or well on my way to death by now. My time would have run out.

One might have a bucket list of things to do, places to see. But is that really the best use of our time? Or are these also by way of pass times, albeit pleasant ones? If there is no philosophical {or spiritual} underpinning to life, it can be a little aimless. Acquisition of things is not the same as acquisition of experiences.  And it does help to have some direction. A vague notion of pleasurable hedonism may pass time, but does it have direction and purpose? We might seek fame and recognition or a big stash of cash. We each of us make our choices. The thing is that most people lack clarity, they haven’t given an in-depth consideration as to what they want from life, what they need. We spend our time unwisely. And if some bastard like me comes along and asks questions they are easily ignored, and we go back to our spending spree.

Time is finite. And none of us actually know what the balance in our time account is.

Having cued this up:

How do you invest your time?

What ROI do you get?

What is your purpose in life?