Elevate Your Mind – Free Your Soul

Nothing wrong with the car so I am now home after some errands and have taken some more codeine. I won’t be driving again today. It’ll probably come up while I am writing this.

If you are forever stuck on the plane of petty ME based bickering what does that say about your state of evolution?

It means that you have trouble rising above, uplifting yourself and are eternally making me based demands. You cannot get past your selfishness. You are having trouble elevating your mind and thereby freeing your soul. But this desert, this vast barren plateau of arguing the toss and petty concerns is where the vast bulk of humanity is at. It cannot let things go, it has to seek revenge. It is perennially opining and wanting to win the argument, the battle, the debate. But most of all, in this harsh desert, the petty self wants to score points. It is a bit sad.

On this plane are to be found minds with the potential to rise above, but they won’t. They must fight their corner, state their case in the hope of victory. In fact, they have lost, they have lost the battle with the self. It has won, and it keeps them there bickering and squabbling. Unless one can rise above this, there one remains.

There is only one way out and that is to Elevate Your Mind – Free Your Soul. In doing this you drop all the petty crap and boy will you feel so much lighter, there will be less needless conflict and the world will be unencumbered with the harsh strident cries of people squabbling and positioning. Humanity as a whole needs to evolve past this point. It needs to stop obsessing about who is right and who is wrong. And maybe, just maybe, it needs to leave the kindergarten and actually figure out how to cooperate, to listen and even be friendly.

But that ME is so very strident and to let go of ME is beyond the capacity of many, some might but they stubbornly refuse.

Here is a mantra, chant it and see if it helps:

Elevate my mind – free my soul.