My Left Foot

Feet are the dreaming symbol for perception or understanding. And my left foot is causing me some grief. Thanks to the gout it is bright red, swollen and throbbing. I had difficulty sleeping last night due to the foot. Left is left sided knowledge or feeling. I am feeling a little mellow right now, must have been the codeine I had at 4:30 AM.

This morning the kestrel pair were sat on the crossbar of the pole barn, not ten metres from where I stood to smoke. They have been around a lot of late and don’t seem overly perturbed by me. One of them often sits on the electricity pole about four metres from my head. Birds of prey are the dreaming symbol of power.

Mr and Mrs Jackdaw have been regular visitors and they remind us of Russel and Sheryl, the two crows which nested above our door about ten years ago. They arrived when I started to have visions and changed my meditation protocol. Crows are couriers of power.

And today, if I can hack it, I will take my car to get its MOT and service. Car is the dreaming symbol for state of awareness / level of perception. The garage will check it out and tell me if it is OK.

What is my left foot trying to tell me?