How We Frame Things

If you think about it, we all frame things in slightly different ways. To give a simple example; watch the news on the BBC and then on Al Jazeera. There is some commonality, but the emphasis varies.

How we frame things influences the entire interpretative structure of the world, it creates different versions of “reality”. If I frame things from a Buddhist or Toltec perspective, the world looks very different from that held by the majority. Status is a conditioned thing to which people are attached and therefore an impediment to liberation or status is to be desired, one might seek a paragraph of post nominals and a groovy title to put on the chequebook, status confers temporal power of sorts. If you have status you might expect me to respect your status. So, should we meet, and you are a high status being we would be approaching that meeting from diametrically opposite angles. Similarly, if you have a thing about status and had heard a little of my history, you might expect different things from me, when I don’t really give that much of a toss.

We could say that over the last decade or so, I have failed to generate the ~ £750K of taxable income, which I might otherwise have, and that there is a small chance that during that time I would have added to the science base. Or I am a burn out and it is best that I am here, luckily during that time I helped maybe 50 people with their science A levels. At least some people benefitted. We could say that I failed to manifest some potential or that there was none left. You could say a whole bunch of things, it depends upon how we frame things.

I could say that I have done shit loads of meditation and that is for the benefit of all sentient beings, you could say that I am a delusional idiot making up excuses. I could say that karma has me here and that I have always been fated to end up like this. You could say that I made poor choices. I am might deem myself at least partially sane, you might think that I have lost what remains of my marbles. It is a matter of which interpretative framework we wish to apply.

Having cued this up:

How many interpretative frameworks can I apply to a given situation?

Does my selection from this set alter the whole notion of reality?

Is reality therefore subjective and not as concrete and objective as I might imagine it to be?