Not Until You Are Ready

This post approaches what can be called timing in life. We can only appreciate somethings when we are ready so to do, we can only accept things then. We can only let go of our denial when we are ready. Somethings in life present for us but not until we are ready for them and then as if by magic they appear. If we are on a journey of self-discovery, that next stepping stone can suddenly pop up. It may have already been there but because we weren’t ready, we could not see it. There are many things, including our own role in events, which we simply will not countenance until we are ready. There are some things in life which we will never accept not even until our dying day, the implications may be too vast, and we just will not or cannot accept them.

To give an example of timing and things popping up. About a year and a half ago I started searching for some martial arts to do. And lo and behold, there was an Aikido club in my local village which I had been completely unaware of. It would not be possible for there to be a closer club. So, we went along, and this old dog is learning new tricks. It has had a beneficial impact on my life. I was ready for it, it was close and bingo. This to my eyes is synchronicity at work.

We cannot let go of our past until we are ready. Though should we over indulge that readiness may be delayed. We may harbour anger and resentment towards other beings which sticks to us like superglue. We may never be ready to let go of this or one fine day we have an epiphany about them and it vanishes, evaporates over-night. Coupled with letting go there is often an alternate way of looking at things. Until we can re-frame it we cannot let it go. It chugs around in our minds. This alternate explanation can arise when we finally accept that we had a hand in something and it wasn’t entirely their fault.

One can be reading a book. We think we have understood. Then later we re-read it and it seems like a totally different book, with a whole extra layer of meaning. We simply did not or could not see this extra meaning until we were ready. Other things had to fall into place before we could appreciate what we missed first time around.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever experienced this “not until I was ready”?

Does this suggest that timing plays a role in how our lives unfold?

Or am I not yet ready to accept synchronicity as a concept?