The Danger of Pedestals

In the previous post I hinted at the pervasive and deeply held sense of victimhood to be found on our planet. The “it is not fair mummy” thinking can be found everywhere, some have it in spades. “If only every other bastard on the planet would do what I want when I want, my life would be just dandy.” There is another problem and that pertains to pedestals.

 Quick question; “have you ever been put on a pedestal?”

People can have very unrealistic expectations of those they put on a pedestal, an idealized view can be generated which bears little semblance to the reality. The press is full of stories whereby humans who have been elevated to pedestals fall. It then delights in detailing how they get involved in drunk-driving, going into debt or are caught sodomizing goats. It is a weird human quirk to elevate and then cut down, often with glee.

In science we might put a Nobel prize winner on a pedestal and then listen with bated breath to their every utterance. In religion we have the infallibility of the Pope, whom we then blame for priests kiddy-fiddling. In sport we have the world-champion cyclist who has taken pharmaceutical advantage. And we might have the guru who when worshipped decides to shag his followers. Or we might have a friend or colleague whom we thought wonderful who later turns out to be only human, what a bastard!

The problem with guru-yoga or pedestal placing, is that it can go to the head and/or the gonads. If we hand our power over to another being by worshipping them, they can not only fall but also take advantage. And when they fall we are crest-fallen and even vengeful.

We can place undue credence on the words of those we place on pedestals, they are in a kind of Mount Olympus. They aren’t really Gods, we just make them out to be. Our erroneous assessment is causal of many problems. This “worship” is misplaced.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever put anyone on a pedestal?

Did they ultimately disappoint?

In this pedestal placing am I setting both them and me up for failure and disappointment?

Are these pedestals real?

If I have been put on a pedestal how did it feel?

Was I tempted?