Philosophy or Application?

Comparison mind is that aspect of mind which separates. It seeks criteria as grounds and justifications for that separation. It is rarely holistic and is so often used to rank things. It reinforces the dramatic I, that sense of individuating identity or ego sum. It brings to birth better than and worse than; it does aside with any notion of equality, of oneness. We are all God’s children and His eyes equal, is explained away. I am more elevated than you. Unless you have a colostomy bag, you like me will shit on some kind of a toilet today or tomorrow. Maybe your toilet is better than mine and you have that luxury quilted toilet paper, whereas mine might be common or garden.

This philosophy of oneness, in its limit, does away with all notion of status. We are all shitters and at one time or another, we have all been wankers. If there is oneness or unity how can there be any ladder of progression, of being better than? We are all on a journey. Ah but who will hit the finish line first? See, comparison mind kicks in. That holy grail of status is entirely man-made. We have these keys on the keyboard < and >. Whilst they may be useful in maths and equations, do we have to use them to turn our noses up at each other?  Snobbery is the miracle grow fertiliser at the back of rank.

Comparison mind is the very foundation stone of prejudice. It says not like me = bad. It says oik or pleb therefore, beneath me. It says different colour skin, alternate sexual orientation = not good. It says weirdo into new age shit = loony. And we can feel so very justified by our choice of comparison criteria. We may kid ourselves we are being reasonable and fair. We might think we have earned this status which gives us the right to be prejudiced.

What I am talking about is of course conditioned things, these arise out of the selective and conditional use of comparison criteria. The “ranking” is conditional, it is also impermanent. Even human rankings are time varying.

If you apply the philosophy “all conditioned things are impermanent, when one sees this with wisdom one turns away from suffering”, the ramifications are widespread. There can be no status, for that is a conditioned thing. It is easy for me to say this but very hard for most people to let go of this status-trip.

Applying a philosophy and having it as an intellectual idea, are not one and the same thing. See, I have just made a kind of comparison.

Many like nice ideas. When the ramifications bite, they can easily be waylaid. This leads to a kind of hypocrisy, say one thing and do another. Genuine aspiration on the other hand is a work in progress. If we think we have arrived, we are probably wrong. How would we know? What might we use to compare against and test validity?

Have you noticed the circularity that I have introduced?

This is to point at what the Toltecs call “The Riddle of the Mind”. Some things have no comparison and that is hard to accept.