The Dramatic I

Call it what you want, I, ME, the little self. This sense of being entirely separate where the entire universe revolves around ME is the cause of much drama and loss of perspective. This thing, this ME, wants, it desires, and it gets offended. It has anxieties and it has fears. It fails to consider that there are other beings on the planet and has trouble imagining that these other beings might have different views. This I, so full of drama, sulks when it does not get what it wants. It is more than a little petulant. And like the hungry bird in the nest waiting for the worm it can make a hell of a lot of noise so as to attract attention to itself. This I, loves to opine. This I, this ME, compares its body to others and so often in that comparison finds itself wanting.  Always ME, I want, I demand, I acquire; it is not overly keen on sharing.

Centred in self, it sees the world out there as being distinct and separate. It may gather together with other MEs to form an US. And then like a fractal, it says WE. WE are the most important things. Thus, we have not only the dramatic I, but also the dramatic WE. The sense of separation, of being separate, reaches out from a single point, to a national one. WE British are better than Johnny Foreigner. WE won’t play games with the EU, because WE don’t like the rules. And if we don’t get our own way…..

So, I and WE separate and engage in conflict and demand. They make “enemies” out of everyone who is not ME or US. It is everyone else who is the problem, not I or US.

Having cued this up:

How badly am I infected by this cranio-rectal disease virus?

If I took my head out of my arse might my life flow better?

Might the world be a better place?

Why do I struggle so hard to see that I (or WE) are not the epicentre of the known universe?