The Status Trip

A lot of people are on this status trip. And this notion of status can be “measured” by a whole bunch of indicators. Nowadays there are a lot of “millionaires”, all you have to do is own a house in London. One of the ones, a regular three bedroomed house, which I used to co-own in London, is now priced above this magical figure of one million. We might attribute status to class and this whole snobbery thing is a very common subject in British comedy. We might have “brainy” status and we might have status due to our associations. I guess there is some small residual status on this dimension for me. I was once associated with “brainy” places. We might defer to status as a font of knowledge. And this status thing can go to our heads, we may swell. We have expert status, we have blue-blood and we have this celebrity status. We have VIP status. Status is linked to importance and of course self-importance.

But should cancer strike, it doesn’t care what our status is. Nor would a hungry leopard should we find ourselves alone in the jungle at night.

We can have inverted snobbery. We can have lust for attention and if I understand it correctly on social media we can even make status updates. Status is largely a social thing conferred by other human beings. I doubt God is overly fussed about our mundane status. People of high status will only listen to others of high status. Which suggests that status can be incestuous.

Having cued this up:

How important is this whole status trip to me?

Am I seeking status?

When will I have enough status to be happy?