How Visionary are You?

Some place value in imagination and vision, others prefer pragmatism and structure. We all have our own self-perception and maybe a self-image. We can have a view of the world which is very self-centred, or we might be much more inclusive. We cannot however share precisely that which occurs in the mind of another. Some are better at big picture thinking than others. And if you look at various training manuals, people might say that vision is important for strategy and planning. But how far does vision go? What might be deemed visionary by some is mundane and next-step to others.

There is a real problem if you see things which others do not as yet see. You can be seen as a dreamer and/or a loony-tune. There are many politicians who might like to deem themselves visionary but who are incremental. If we are striving to be objective, then genuine big-picture vision is needed. That way we see the whole and not just the part, or a microscope view of the part even. It is possible to be very insular yet imagine oneself not to be.

Being visionary can lead directly to termination of life. There is historical precedent for this. Although we might say we need vision, what we mean is something just a little ahead of where we are now. Vision sees interconnectivity in time and space. Strategy may be much more local.

As an exercise in self-perception:

Have a think about people, either living or historical, who you might deem to be visionary.

Now you have some kind of scale, some upper limit. Award the most visionary person a ten out of ten.

Now on this scale of zero to ten, how visionary are you?

How reliable is your self-perception?