It is all about me!

If Walter Mitty finds that his ears are burning does he accurately interpret the omen?

Joking aside we can imagine, if we are somewhat self-absorbed, that everything is about us. That it is pointed at us and that the entire universe is out to get us. A classmate of mine once told me that when he read a previous blog of mine, he was unsure as to whether it was aimed directly at him. It wasn’t and we both had a great laugh about how weird people can be. A generality can be deemed targeted, bespoke and specific. That is if we have a small measure of paranoia.

A bit of paranoia is fairly common, maybe from time to time we all experience it. We never know if the smoking man has impregnated us with some alien DNA during the night. We can imagine ourselves taken by aliens to the mother ship for experimentation.

Having cued this up:

Do I often think “it” is all about me?

How accurate am I in these perceptions?