Stoner or Head?

Every since I can remember I have been interested in altered states of perception. I figured out at an early age that I had something of an imagination and could run images in my head, in my mind. I tend to visualize as opposed to verbalize. All it took was some seed image and I could then make up visions and pictures. These would be three-dimensional and sometimes more.

When I was a student I first encountered the difference between a stoner and a head. A stoner is someone who wants to escape, get stoned and otherwise fucked up. A head is someone who is experimenting with the experience and investigating it. There are a lot more stoners than heads.

Altered states of perception can come from recreational drugs, prescribed drugs, shamanic drumming, martial arts zones, meditation, chanting, real life danger and quantum mechanics. But dreaming is my very favourite. I can be fully awake when dreaming, conscious of what I am doing and even “think” in the dream. I can get up for a piss and then start the dream back up, reboot it. It is all about the experience. If one lets go of the concrete world, one can have a different experience. But there needs to be control otherwise you will find your self sectioned under the mental health act. One has to know which state one is in, when and for how long.

Experimenting with visualization and altered states enables one to construct visions. One can go places.

Having cued this up:

Do you like to escape or to experience?

Are you a stoner or a head?