The Age of Vicarious

Rather than living in The Age of Aquarius we are in fact living in The Age of Vicarious. The dawning of this age has been swift and never before have we been able to live our lives so vicariously through the portrayal of the lives of others. We can wait with bated breath for the latest snippet from our favourite celebrity on the internet, we can play games on computers, we can watch people fuck, we can watch “reality” TV and mainline soap opera. We can watch food porn, travel porn and house buying porn. We can stalk our friends on Facebook.

This is where we as a humanity are at, The Age of Vicarious.

This is ersatz, it is not real. But we are so deeply immersed in this that I wonder what it is doing to us. Before long we will have no need for a body, simply a human computer interface which is soft wired into our brains. We can then sit and have endless stuff fed down optical fibres direct into our cortex. We can live entirely vicariously safe in our electronic mobility device, a device which we can operate with our brain alone.

Having cued this up:

What percentage of my life is lived vicariously?

Do I perhaps need to reduce this percentage?

Or is everything just dandy?