Truly Epic Fails

This whole notion of “fails” is thematic on YouTube and we have “You’ve Been Framed” and its ilk. This low-cost TV is entertainment. But there can be other fails, not simply an idiot on a pogo-stick on a trampoline. Some of these “fails” have wide-reaching consequences. They usually arise because someone is fighting the wrong battle. One or two people can fuck things up for many others and the carnage can be widespread. They can come from something petty and personal, ambition is often a factor.

Someone makes a mess and others are left to try to clean up after them. Sometimes the damage is so extensive that no repair is possible. It may take ages for the epicentre of mess to acknowledge that they have caused the mess; they may never accept it. I can think of a few instances in my own life where one or two people have led directly to me walking away. When one is trying to do something subtle and nuanced, a loud bull in a china shop can break all the china. Often these messes are caused by assumptions, which as the saying goes, are the mother of all cock ups.

What seems like victory can in fact be a major fail, an epic fail even. Some people are so obsessed with winning and being right, that they can be blind to the collateral damage which ensues.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever screwed things up by fighting the wrong battle?

Have I had a victory which turned out to be an epic fail?

Has anyone else, by their actions, fucked things up for me?