Me or an Inordinate Amount of Bullshit?

As part of my exploration into why I seem to grate a little with the world and maybe freak people out a little, I had myself tested for Asperger Syndrome, as an adult. I submitted a lengthy written response and then had an interview with a lady psychologist specialist. In both of these I mentioned the word “impeccability”. It was not long after I had had my tumour removed and she was interested in case I needed to discuss this, which I didn’t. I had put off having one of these assessments for a long time and I was on a kind of mission.

Anyway, she was a skilled interviewer and she brought out the best in me. Which believe it or not can be quite charming. It was her thinking that no I did not have Asperger Syndrome but that I might have an Unrelenting Standards schema. She said that she would be happy to treat me for this.  So, on her recommendation I bought the book “Reinventing Your Life” and “Schema Therapy”. Both of which are very good. I don’t score high on the questionnaire previous. So maybe she had gotten me slightly wrong. After all impeccable is not a word which is in regular usage all that much.

Instead of blaming others, I do have a tendency to introvert and look at myself first. Is it me? Am I the source of the problem?

Having cued this up here is a good question:

Is it me or is there just an inordinate amount of bullshit?

Try this question out, it is a good question to ask.