I have been musing this afternoon on unfolding, things can take a long time to unfold and they can unfold in strange and unexpected ways. This is of course karma, if you believe in cause and effect. An event or series of events initiates, starts something and it continues to unfold and ripple out. There is a notion which we might call karmic lag. Where something is causal, but the effect isn’t spontaneous, as if karma sometimes has a gestation period, it has to ripen and then it is ready. If we take karma as a fruit, that fruit can fall to the ground and then grow a whole new karmic tree. Or that fruit might rot, get infested with fruit flies and these then multiply. Or we could eat the fruit and have it nourish us. If we leave karma on the tree, unpicked, there can be consequences.

We have started off a karmic chain with the Brexit “decision”. That is taking a long time to unfold and even if we ever manage to complete the negotiations there will be some unfoldment. We can’t know beforehand what will happen though we may profess otherwise. To give a trite analysis, if it works for the UK, others might follow suit; if it goes badly tits up it will strengthen and bring together the EU. All this has a causal origination in the bid for power by the Cameron government, that gamble led directly to the referendum. Brexit could act as a ripple, a point source in event space. Already a whole bunch of people are spending shit loads of time and money trying to figure out what to do.

It doesn’t take much, a tiny thing, the decision to include this in a manifesto and things start to unfold therefrom.

Things can unfold in strange ways and on unexpected timescales…