That Insurmountable Chasm of Face.

I don’t know if you have picked up on this or not, but this blog has a lot to do with human folly.

And do you know what is the very epitome of this? It is that insurmountable chasm of face. It is this “face” that divides us, that keeps us spastic and unable. We are so utterly shit-scared of losing face, that it cripples us. It renders us isolated and separate.

That eggshell walk, the tightest of sphincters, that dread of vulnerability, it wounds us so. That dread pierces deeper than any blade. Get the wound in before anyone else can, and so we self-harm by our up-tight repression. And each day we die a little more. That insurmountable chasm of face, it fucks us up.

All hail face, all hail the chasm.

Maybe we should learn to express, however risky that might seem.

We might even enjoy it. Who knows?

Until then, that fucking insurmountable chasm of face has us bound, tight.