The Stuck Illusion

From time to time we all feel a little stuck, trapped even. We may be trapped by our financial situation, stuck in a job, locked in our own minds, fixated on a way of life; we may belong to a cult, a religion, a gang or an institution. We might be incarcerated in a prison or sectioned into an asylum. In many cases this notion of being stuck is an illusion, we are not actually stuck we simply tell ourselves that this is the case. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We may have been psychologically manipulated into this “stuck” state. For the time being, there is no way out. We get comfortable-ish in this stuck state and justify our inertia. If someone tells you that you are a vampire, you will lurk in the night and in the shadows for fear of daylight. You will never test this story and risk a dawn, to find out if it is an old wives’ tale. You might stay away from garlic bread. But maybe if you had one sneaky bite of it, you would find out that you are not really a vampire, a creature of the night, after all.

So much of this stuff is in our heads. Isn’t it?

Quite the most difficult thing is that first step. We make it massive and huge in our internal dialogue. As a consequence, we fear taking it and justify our not taking it as being too big. If you get blood coming out of your arse, going to tell the GP is a big step, especially if you know it is a cancer indicator. If you feel suicidal, talking about it is massive, that may be a factor in how you got there in the first place. If you have been working in McDonalds all your life, moving to Burger King would be a monumental step. But unless you do, you will never find out.

If I understand it correctly both knights in shining armour and fairy godmothers are on the endangered species list. Their numbers have been in sharp decline the last few centuries or so. It follows that you are unlikely to run into one of these. Thus, if you are stuck, unless you happen to know a genie or two, it is probably you who will have to do something about it.

Having cued this up:

Do I feel stuck and somewhat trapped at the moment?

Am I OK with this or do I need to do something?

If so, what might be the first step?

How do I break this spell?

What is stopping me?

Is it all in my mind?