What Does Your Car Say About You?

As a light-hearted exercise, have a look at your car(s) and see what it(they) might say about you.

Car is the dreaming symbol for State of Awareness / Level of Perception. So, you have made a choice in the type of car you have and how it is currently behaving. If you are having car-trouble, then that suggests that you are having trouble with your perception and awareness. Aside from external kudos, your car speaks a little about you and how you see yourself.

My car is white which suggests peace.

It is not a fancy brand and it often gets covered in mud from the lanes.

Yesterday I had the high-pressure fuel pump replaced. I was trying to figure out if this was a dreaming symbol for me, or simply a manufacturers’ fault. As it turns out a brief web search revealed that this is a common fault with this type of car, at this age. It is probably not commenting on me. Nevertheless, with the new fuel pump there is a performance boost.

It does 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and has an alleged top speed of 143mph.

My car although not fancy has good acceleration and I will probably never top it out. There will be plenty of reserve. It is a bit like me I can go from doing not a lot, to quite a lot, very quickly. I have never reached my top speed.

With the computer control on, the handling is pretty smooth, it corners quite well and stops. My car is small and relatively agile. At the moment it is behaving well. With computer control off it is very sensitive to input, and one has to be much more alert. I never use cruise control because I enjoy driving.

It doesn’t have much technology because that makes you lazy. And besides the value in the car is not in the technology, it is in the engine and chassis. The technology allows the manufacturer to make more profit because they can ask a premium price for gizmos.

I do not have satellite navigation, so I haven’t handed my power over to the GPS system. I find my own way, even if very occasionally it means getting lost. Getting lost can be an adventure and not a curse.

What does your car say about you?