A Shift in Energies?

I first started noting a change in energies on Thursday night and it has been growing ever since. The energies are shifting more towards the female side of power. I can feel that shift coming through in the blog. Although I am physically tired right now, I am also feeling energised. Maybe the fuel pump was needed after all…

It is my observation that females are generally more sensitive to power dynamics than males and this is especially the case when they are not trying to be “macho” themselves. Being generally more receptive they can be much more open to intimacy in communication, which often can be lacking in the conversation of males. There are times when I wonder how come they put up with all that (our) bullshit. There is a long-suffering of boys and all their showing off. They are more capable of having a non-sexual frisson in conversational exchange than are most men, who perhaps lack control. My experience is that females are generally better at nuance. They see stuff I (we) don’t. They can interact in non-verbal feeling space more readily than men. And I have noted surprise when I have gone into that space. It has on occasion prompted a brief statement of their relationship status in case I was up to something, which I mostly never was. It is almost as if I am the intruder, somehow.

Not quite sure where this energy is going, nor this post.

There is definitely a female energy, growing, almost swirling.

It might be to do with the time of year, a nascence of spring. Kind of a birthing going on.

Hmnn, the energies are shifting…