Knowing Me, Knowing You

I resisted the temptation, just about, for an ahaa.. Well no I didn’t really. It was irresistible.

I have this notion that people think they know themselves and that they know others. This is my assumption about other people’s assumptions. And it occurred to me that if someone who thought they knew me accidentally happened by this blog, they might be a little surprised at its content, or maybe not. Perhaps I am not the untranslatable mystery after all. Chances are that our opinions of both self and others are probably not that realistic.

Way back someone, whom I helped a little, told me that I was seen as dry and boring, perhaps because I was trying to teach Chemical Kinetics, which can induce narcolepsy. I have a lot of empathy with the character of Walter White a.k.a. Heisenberg. He is more than a tad introverted. And when he finally expresses that which he has supressed, all hell breaks loose. He has something of an impeccability fetish for his chemistry.

Anyway, two questions:

How well do I know myself?

How well do I, in reality, know others?