Are You a Petty Niggler?

If you look at the post previous, it is not overly concerned about whether men get paid more than women. Nor does it worry about whether Melania holds Donald’s hand. It is somewhat more lofty in outlook and aspiration. But most people are concerned with all the petty niggles of life and as a consequence fail to lift their eyes and their obsession, therefrom.

A petty niggle can take over life and become the most important thing. “I am going to get that bastard back for parking in my spot!”

Some people are very petty and if say a colleague gets £10 more in salary or a better desk, it can become their life objective to beat them, to redress the balance. If someone is dying of cancer, there is a mind-set that thinks, “It is all your own fault! We warned you about smoking!”. The petty niggler can fail to see the humanity of a situation. They love to score points.

Niggling can be a favourite pass time.

Having cued this up:

Am I a petty niggler?

If I kicked my 20 niggle a day habit would my life be better?

Would the world be a better place?