Realizing and Then Accepting

As I hinted previously many people have uptake inhibitors. They can be slow on the uptake. I am not claiming to be the sharpest tool in the box myself, but I have on occasion had to wait a long time for people to catch up. Every once in a while, I see stuff before others. Quite where these inhibitors stem from is hard to pin point, it may be because people don’t want it to be true, they simply cannot countenance something or there are way too many implications. Even if people realize that there is a possibility, that say the unthinkable is occurring, it can be a long while before acceptance. The mind blocks it and refuses. People can also be a bit thick when it suits them.

People have a lot of problems being joined up. For example, when someone dies, we know they are dead, but it can be a long while before we accept it and even longer before we come to terms with it. In fact, in examples like this some can never come to terms. Until you are ready to face things, you cannot accept them even if you have had the realization. There can be a big time lag between these two things.

It is also possible to have a sudden realization which is the complete wrong end of the stick. Strangely wrong end of the stick realizations are often easier to accept than right end of the stick realizations.

A realization can be an epiphany in which we see things in a whole new light, but even these epiphanies can take a long time to bed down, to get fully accepted. We can try to undo and justify away our realizations, the mental jury can find all sorts of evidence to prevent the acceptance. I can’t believe it, I won’t believe it. It is simply not possible.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever experienced the workings of uptake inhibitors in me?

What are their natures?

Do I recognise this time lag between realization and acceptance?