A Day in the Life

The alarm usually goes off at 6. I get up first and make coffee for us both. The kitchen is largely my domain. We drink this. I refill. I come upstairs here to check-in and maybe start some blogging.

The wife goes off to work.

I do some blogging. I have breakfast and take my various medications. I usually crash out a bit as these come up.

I go into town to do some shopping and any chores. I sometimes pop into Starbucks.

I come back here and play about on the computer. I have some lunch.

Late afternoon I have a shower and start getting things ready for dinner.

I maybe fit in some more blogging

The wife gets home from work. I make coffee, we catch up.

She pops upstairs to do some meditation whilst she does this I cook.

She washes up and we settle down in front of the TV.

We go to bed.

Pretty much every weekday is like this.

At the moment we are doing a bit more Aikido practise because there is a grading coming up.

If I use £10 on my pay as you go mobile in a year that is rare.

If we have more than six visitors in a year that is rare.

If the bill for our landline and broadband includes any calls that is rare.

I am not in social or business contact with anyone.

I am not applying for jobs.

I have one tutorial student whom I see on a monthly basis.

I am not in cahoots with anyone.