All That Data and Stuff

A local internet provider BT keeps sending me these flyers saying that fibre broad band is coming to our area. Yeah right… but not to here. Cows don’t have heavy internet usage and silage won’t pay for fibre installation. But I can’t complain we get about 6 or 7 which isn’t too bad for copper.

Way back when I did pastoral care I was surprised to learn that IT kept logs of usage and as each machine had a static I.P. that data was machine specific. There is a lot of data floating about. Data about data and the like. We might even have an M.P. caught out looking at fruity pictures when he should be running the country.

I am pretty sure that the security services will have layers of sophistication beyond say, Google Analytics and WordPress stats. They probably have ways of monitoring all the traffic to a hosted domain, especially if that domain is a target of interest. Intelligence looks for repeat patterns and should an I.P. or group of I.P.s keep coming up, they would probably note it. Patterns of behaviour are of interest. Most ADSL users have flash I.P. pools, but business doesn’t.

Regular folk, in blogosphere, can come and go about their business. But should a pattern develop, that might spark interest.  A lot of traffic from a group of computers might stimulate this. It depends upon whether or not a site is being monitored and how much of risk that site is seen to be. The basic rule of thumb is that if you have nothing to hide there is nothing to worry about.

It is weird to think that I may be being monitored. But I guess we all are, though we sometimes forget this.


That silly incident has me looking over my shoulder.

Not nice…