Projected Convolution and Plans

Before the stick incident yesterday I was saying to the wife how nice it is to work with someone who, when he wants to know something, simply sends me a straightforward email and asks. It is magic. It is simple, and it is a pleasure. Unfortunately, many people are way more convoluted than that. And they project their convolution onto you. Maybe it is because they are engaged in scheme after scheme, they project this as well. There is a lot of this projection going on.

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People can imagine that you want the same things as them, that they know what is best for you, that they know what it is you need, and they can make incredibly convoluted plans for you. They forget one thing, to ask. And so, they may even try to manipulate you into their plans.

I am very wary of this projection thing because, to an extent, I once did it myself.

Having cued this up:

Do I ever project my thinking onto others and imagine that they think like me?

Do I ever make plans for people without asking them?

Have I ever tried to steer people in the direction of my plans?