Where Would I Watch From?

Well it must be boring as there are no comings and goings. We very rarely have any visitors.

And as I said, I shredded all my science related documentation…so nothing which could be of any commercial interest, here. I am still very much a paper person.

The most obvious place is the hay barn, it has eyes on and is comfortable and dry.

The next place is the tree-line across the field, but from there you would need binoculars. There looks to be a slight incongruity in the rape seed field heading from the tree line. Could be a deer… If someone is doing that sort of stuff they must have training. Why? What do they want?

It doesn’t feel like that…

More likely some weirdo from my past…

When it starts raining I’ll go look for signs in the barn, to see if anything looks out of place.

Now time to listen to some Black Sabbath, “Paranoid”