Missing by a Mile

When people with differing philosophies, or even outlooks, interact, it can be possible to miss each other by a mile, a lightyear even. This usually happens because we assume that the other person thinks likes us.

I’ll set up an example. Imagine someone looking to buy a house. They ring the estate agent to inquire about a viewing, nobody answers the ‘phone so they leave a message. The estate agent rings back and they have a pleasant conversation, in which the estate agent gets the impression that the would-be buyer is keen. He promises to arrange a viewing and get back to the buyer. A while passes and nothing happens.

The estate agent assumes that the buyer is keen so as part his strategy to ascertain how keen they are he is waiting for them to chase him up. “If they are keen they will chase me”, he thinks. The buyer on the other hand assumes that if the house was meant to be for him, things would run smoothly, and the estate agent would do as he said he would. A day passes, nothing happens. The estate agent reckons that the person inquiring was a time waster and the buyer thinks; “well the universe is telling me something, it was never meant to be.”

This little vignette points at how easy it is to miss each other by a mile.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever missed someone by a mile?

Is it possible that this miss was down to differing outlooks?