The Whole Overt Covert Thing

I pretty much decided last night that if I catch anyone lurking in the garden I will adopt a thump first ask later attitude. Although I am doing Aikido I am not yet trained so I can still use an older approach for a while. As a result, I slept very well, had a good solid six hours.

This morning I figured out that I don’t really know how the internet works, I am an amateur. Back when I used to submit jobs to the Cray things were a lot more simple. I am sure that many of us have a false sense of confidence in our internet usage. And with machine specific work place monitoring we are leaving attributable records, spoor. We may think we are being clever and covert, but we are not. A good tracker could follow our spoor.

There is so much intrigue these days. We may spy on others and be spied upon ourselves. It is a nasty energy that acts as a chain reaction. All that cunning and cleverness, is not uplifting. It is darkness. It is cloying, and it infects. I know that I won’t persuade others in this, they are already hooked. And to withdraw would be painful. This trying to outwit is a bit silly. There will always be someone more sneaky and more cunning.

The problem with being covert, as an individual, is that it generates fear of being found out. Some may even get a boner or go all damp from being cunning. It takes all sorts. It is such a simple thing and I am no bible basher, but covert and covet are close. And thou shalt not covet. It is not moralistic it is practical, it generates a nasty vibe.

Having cued this up:

Is this bloke right, does being covert generate a nasty vibe?

Is that what I really want to do, pollute the world with nasty vibes?