Ray Speculations

If you look at the tabulation previous, it is no surprise that Germany and the UK were at loggerheads in the last century, with both expressing the Will to Power in their personality ray. Neither is it any surprise that Russia and USA were, and are to an extent, still at loggerheads. Both of them have Idealism and Devotion as the personality ray. Which says our ideals are best, accept this or die. This ray can be quite pig-headed.

Now if the UK was to grow up and get in touch with its soul ray of Love Wisdom it would start to drop all this petty politicking. What do you reckon, has Germany grown up? Is it expressing more of its soul ray of Harmony through Conflict?

If you look at the soul rays of India and China…that points at an interesting future!!

USA shares the same soul ray as the UK – Love Wisdom but I don’t think it is anywhere near there yet. Russia has Ceremonial Order (magic), maybe it has let go some of its idealism (communism) and is now in something of a cauldron phase. What exactly will pop out of the cauldron, who can say?