Too Much Bravado

Before I get into this there is a dilemma which I have been pondering on. If you have been looking into something, really looking into something, there is small chance that you have made a step that nobody else has. If you tell them specifically about that step, spell it out, it isn’t believed, and you may be ridiculed. The alternative is to lay a long and tortuous path hoping that they will be able to follow, but as it turns out, they don’t, they can’t, and they won’t. What can you do? Not a lot really…This is one of those catch 22 situations.

Anyway, I digress slightly. It is possible through too much bravado to get into situations which quickly become too much for us, we can get out of our depth. A woman I used to know when I worked in a nightclub, me barman she waitress, was tempted by a side line job acting as a hostess in a Soho bar. It all sounded pretty simple and the wages were better. First, she wore black and whites but soon they were asking her to wear less and suggested that she might like to sit on the lap of clients. I suggested that she get the hell out of there. Initially she argued, but one night she had an unpleasant experience and quit. She manged to get out just in time. She was starting to get out of her depth and quickly so.

There are many things in life which might seem fun, harmless fun and which we may be very sceptical about. We may think them to be a crock of shit. Say for example a Ouija board. It seems like a parlour game and we poo-poo things supernatural. We might get ourselves into the doo-doo through our bravado. Imagine, if you will, late one evening after a few glasses of wine you are at a friend’s house. It is an old building and they have the basement flat. They say that they found a Ouija board in the cupboard under the stairs. They get it out and it is a bit dusty. They blow off the dust.

“Shall we have a go?”, they ask.

There are three of you and the other person is looking nervous.

“It is bollocks”, you say. “Why not? It’ll be a laugh!”

You dim the lights and spark up some candles. You all gather round and hold hands, stifling some nervous laughter.

“Is there any one there?”

The Ouija board seems to move a little.

“Is there anyone there?”


The board has indicated Y. Secretly to yourself you think the others are having a lark.

“I repeat. Is there anyone there?”


“Fuck me! Are you guys taking the piss?” The others do not giggle, their pupils have dilated.

“N-O W-H-Y W-O-U-L-D-I-D-O-T-H-A-T”

“Jesus, this thing is moving! Fuck.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. You are welcome here, anytime.”


Now you are completely out of your depth, out of bravado, you have just welcomed whatever it is to come anytime. You do not as yet realize it.

“Which one of you guys is doing this? Have you set me up, you bastards?”

“N-O B-E-E-N W-A-I-T-I-N”



You kick over the board and turn the light on. Quickly you get out a cigarette and grab your wine. Your hands are shaking more than a little.

OK so the dramatization is over, but do you get the drift? We can out of bravado get ourselves into situations that are unknown to us and to which there is no solution from our regular way of doing things. If you are a fan of the horror film genre, you can imagine what happens next….

Having cued this up:

Have I ever gotten myself into difficulty because of my bravado?

Do I really know best all the time?